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Rules before Joining

In order to join Delta Squad you must first agree to a few rules. Please read carefully:

  • Attend meetings when called, unless notifying ahead of time
  • Attend all events held, unless notifying ahead of time
  • Respect Officers of Delta Squad, they will teach you a lot
  • Report all possible allies to us
  • Try to obtain an AIM Screenname
  • Obtain an ICQ address
  • Rules can change, so be aware
  • Be active more than 3-5 hours a week
  • Have fun and encourage others to join
  • Practice and get better, everyone can get better:)

    If any of these rules are broken in a serious manner, we have the right to throw that person out of the clan at our own discretion. Please look for clans that are disolving too, because we could always use more help with Delta Squad. Any question before joining, please send to Delta Squad. Hope you enjoy Delta Squad!!!!