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Saturday, December 15, 2001

Lan Information -   Posted by Striker @ 12:48
We're going to kick off Winter Break with a Lan Party at Kaleb's house.

Who: Dublin Lan Party

What: CS(Mainly) Lan Party. Bring Computer, Headphones, Your RR Line that connects your cable box to computer (Looks like a phone line wire), and $15 for Pizza and Pop.

Where: Kaleb's house is located at 202 Longmeadow Court in Powell, Ohio. It has a white picket fense, second house on the right. Directions are HERE from

When: It starts Friday the 21st at 6:00 p.m. - Saturday the 22nd of December. Please arrive at 5:30 to get set up. HEADPHONES ARE MANDITORY.

Why: Because CS is fun fun fun

How: How can you sign up? Talk to Rob or Jared at school or email ME.


    Lan List:

  • Kaleb
  • Rob C.
  • Jared R.
  • Tom D.
  • Jason E.
  • Matt H.
  • Jamie Y.
  • Mike K.
  • Brian L.
  • Justin B.
  • Mike N.
  • Nate F.
  • More open..