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Delta Squad
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Delta Squad Members Lounge
Squad News - Got News? Send it to Delta Squad


Tournament Sign Up!!-Striker_ds
We still need a couple people to sign up for the DS 1v1 tournament. Prizes will be promotion, award by your members name, and your name posted here for a while. Please sign up by click the Tournaments Section on the side bar. We still need more, but spots are filling up fast!!! The time will be posted after enough sign up, so go sign up!!!


I think we all want to see this clan grow to a HUGE clan, exspecially me!!! I know that if you guys start recruiting more, we can pull it off!!!! We now have DSRC back and running, so feel free to send anyone into the channel to go to the site!! When you play games with people, and you're impressed, ask if they are in a clan. That's how we grow, so, GO RECRUIT!!! Also, enjoy the new sounds n here, there will be a lot more =D


We really need more votes for our site in the IGG Top Ten. Please vote for us. More votes equals more members and gives you more people to play with. Also, more votes equals a better reputation so other clans know we are a worthy contender and not a weak little clan. Good luck and vote every two hours!!!

New members -Striker_ds
We would like to welcome all the new members to Delta Squad!! I hope you quickly make friends and get involved in our activities!! I will soon post some cool games and all the members ICQ numbers, you look for that in here!!


Members Page!!!-Striker_ds
We now have a members page for all of the members to come by. We will have news posted here AND the main page, but this will be clan related, while the main will be starcraft related. Make sure you tell NO ONE your password to here, penalty of not being able to access members page. **ALSO, MORE COOL STUFF JUST FOR DS MEMBERS ON THE WAY

Message Board -Striker_ds
Please check out the Message Board and Chat Room to the left. You can post messages to each other through the Message Board and chat LIVE in the Chat Room. Please keep bad language to a minimum on the message board. Enjoy!!!


New Allies!!!-Striker_ds
We would like to announce that we have made allies with the Hunta Killa's clan!! Please check out the page in our Allies section. There tag is name[hk], so if you see them in our channel, they probably are looking to play a game.

Zerg Players!!!-Striker_ds
We really need some experianced Zerg players to join are clan. If you are interested, please Sign-Up!! Even if you aren't a Zerg player, stop on by, we still have lots of room.

That's right, we have everything planned, so check out the games section in the control bar to the <--left. Please make sure you have a partner and they know you are on a team. Winners get promotions and awards, so SIGN-UP!!!!


We have qualified for the IGG Top Ten Sites and are currently holding a high ranking position. In order to get more publicity for the clan, we need more votes!! Please Vote at all the chances you have so we can get some benefits from this oppertunity. It only takes 5 seconds so just click and follow instructions, not hard at all.

Genosoc is having a 1v1 Tournament and needs support from our clan. Please go to the allies page, go to their site, and sign-up for the Tournament. Promotions will be given to any Delta Squad Member who wins the tournament.

It seems a lot of members have been breaking one of Delta Squads rules and testing new recruits, telling them to get a ds tag, and/or telling them that they made the clan without the approval of DSHC. This is very unacceptable. Only DS Officers can test new recruits and have to get premission from High Command. Telling them to get a ds tag is also very bad. Too many people have done this and it needs to stop. Telling the that they made the clan without the approval of DSHC is VERY UNACCEPTABLE!!! This has got to stop. If you want to know if you are an officer or not, check out the members page and your email.


Yes, you heard right!! We have decided to hold a tournament for members in Delta Squad only. The tourney is a 2v2 match up and the winners play the High Command. There will be promotions given to the high ranking teams and it's also a good way to see how other members of Delta Squad play. Look under the games section soon, because that's where sign-up and the brackets will be. More information on the date will be given sortly, so be prepared!!

To all the new members who signed up and made it, good job! You get promoted by recruiting, so get recruiting.


New Channel!! -Striker_ds
We have just made a new channel with Genosoc, DSGS. If nobody is in our other channel and you want to play, check out DSGS and there will probably be a player from genosoc wanting to play a game too.


Thanks again to the clans Vudu and Genoside Society for making an alliance with Delta Squad!!! To chack out their homepage, go to allies on the side bar. On another note, the clan, Life Is Peachy, has become or enemy. They are going through termoil and pissed off 4 members of Delta Squad, big mistake!!!

We need News!!-Stirker_ds
If you have any information you would like us to post, please click on the contact us link and tell us. This is one of the only ways that other clan members can read about what's happening!!


Delta Squads New Page!!-Striker_ds
We finally finished the page with it's new design and are touching it up as you read!! Our new domain name is at aside from our other account. Please allow us to finish the new updating, so be patient if links don't work the day you come on( they will eventually). We have the join page up and running so for you new viewers, now is your chance to sign up with Delta Squad!!

StarCraft 2: Is it true??-Stirker_ds
Yes, Blizzard is in full force now and it is an almost full confirmation on the game. The races will finally be a full 5!!! The new races are the Xel'Naga and the Protoss-Zerg Hybreds, adding to the Terran, Zerg, and Protoss. The game will be packed to keep you busy for at LEAST a month!! So, play brood war until you can't play no more, then when SC2 comes out, you'll be happier than a dog with a T-bone!!

Join Delta Squad -Striker_ds
As always, we are looking for a few good men to qualify to join the ranks of Delta Squad. If you are interested, please, go Sign-Up on the join page. We are always looking for more talent, so it's well worth a try.

Join Delta Squad

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