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Delta Squad Command Center
Squad News - Got News? Send it to Delta Squad

More Work!!!-Striker_ds
I finished more things on the site if you have noticed. First off, notice the mouse cursor. You see it now don't you :) Now, hover the cursor of a link on the left link bar. You see that too :) Have fun playing with the site. Remember, all links here go to, so if you don't want to leave, don't click anything =)

Sample News Post!!!-Striker_ds
Just felt like making another news post. We got more Recruits, to name a few Strider_ds, Lightning_ds, and Zipo_ds. More are here, or need to be tested. Remember not to confuse Strider_ds with me, Striker_ds, because they look very very similar.


New Design Test!!!-Striker_ds
Hey, just fixed up the site a little :) I hope everybody likes what I have done and maybe Don will appriciate my skills a little more. Just like to thank the people who helped with the site and good luck on D2. Also, please note servers are very messed up on Bnet. Something needs to be done fast!!! If you find any wierd things, please Email Me or contact me via ICQ at 34574046 for details.

Sample News Post!!!-FatherDon_ds
You can add more news in one day for other people to update. Notice the name is FatherDon_ds, even though it's really Striker_ds =D This should be a good design for what we need. REMEMBER, I'm still working on it so report bugs to me. Thanks and I hope this turns out good!!